Wound Healing Solutions

We apply a multi-disciplinary approach to improve outcomes by identifying the factors that impede wound healing. We furnish thorough, digital documentation that serves your facilities needs as well as meets the regulatory standards. We also assist in product selection to maximize staff productivity while reducing non-reimbursable supply usage..

WHS Nurse Practitioners can perform patient consultation with your staff during rounds. The benefits are bedside education, stratifying risk assessments, implementation of preventative wound care, wound management documentation and providing contemporary solutions to wound management problems. We also assist your facility with wound prevention and management protocols, formularies for wound care products and aid in state and federal compliance. Your residents will receive individualized evaluations and treatment plans that provide faster healing time.

WHS uses the most effective modern technology at your patient's bedside, eliminating the patient's discomfort of being transported to an outside wound center. Your residents will receive excellent attention from an experienced and dedicated clinician reducing further patient complications.

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