Wound Healing Solutions'

Founding Principles

After witnessing her grandmother succumb to complications from a pressure ulcer...

Wendy Smollock teamed with Paul Montenegro to realign the standards of wound management and improve the processes and knowledge associated with wound care. Functioning within the constructs of your facility, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to improve wound healing outcomes while mitigating costs.

Your residents will receive excellent attention from an experienced and dedicated wound certified clinician.

Your residents will receive individualized evaluations and treatment plans that provide faster healing time. As our goal is for “no wounds” our customers enjoy the additional complementary benefits of:

  • staff development and education
  • stratified risk assessments
  • implementation of preventative wound care
  • wound management documentation and support
  • contemporary solutions to individualized wound management problems
  • MDS and care planning support

WHS uses the most effective modern technology at your patient's bedside, eliminating the patient's discomfort of being transported to an outside wound center.

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