Diagnostic Services

Wound Healing Solutions LLC provides diagnostic services to Long Term Care facilities and home health clients with our Registered Vascular Technologists. At present, we offer the cutting-edge bedside Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) assessment technology, Sensilase. Sensilase, developed by Väsamed, performs two vascular tests: Skin Perfusion Pressure (which assesses micro-circulation) and Pulse Volume Recording (which assesses macro-circulation).

Our primary use for Sensilase is twofold: to assess for and to diagnose Peripheral Disease and to predict wound healing potential. All of our Sensilase assessments are interpreted by board-certified vascular surgeons.

Karen Rodman is the Diagnostic Services Lead and oversees this service segment. She is charged with ensuring that our Diagnostic Services are delivered in a professional manner and that they meet or exceed radiological best practices. Further, she ensures timely communication of the assessments and interpretations with your facility, residents, medical professionals and caregivers.

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