Analytical Services

Wound Healing Solutions LLC provides advanced wound-analytics to our client facilities. These analytics include the real-time analysis of wound data, such as patients, wounds, and types of wounds, heal-rate and other data points that allow the facility leaders understand the nature of the wounds.  This insight is useful for identifying trends, problems and successes.

These analytics are available at no cost to our clients via our website, in our client portal. Charts can be exported for use in presentations and quality assurance meetings. Data can be viewed facility-wide, at the unit level and even at room level for time periods of week, month, quarter and year. Further, custom reports may be requested.

Zwelithini Tunyiswa, Wound Healing Solutions LLC’s Marketing Manager oversees this service segment. He is charged with ensuring that the analytics are accurate and up-to-date and that iterations that are responsive to client demand are implemented. 

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